Lost World

Faulconbridge to Blaxland via Lost World Lookout

There is little in life better than grabbing your partner and disappearing into the bush for 2 days. No phones. No responsibilities. Pure disconnect. For this hike we ventured into the lower Blue Mountains trekking from Faulconbridge to Blaxland. The hike is medium grade with some pretty steep climbs (approx. 500m gain) and scrambles, but nothing overly tough. Day 1 involved a descent into the valley down to Glenbrook Creek, crossing Sassafras Creek on the way and Clarinda Falls (trickle!), a good place for a stop to eat. Walking along the Glenbrook Creek reveals a number of swim spots, which we didn’t get to enjoy because it was the middle of winter! I imagine this track would be great on a hot day for all the canopy cover and water. We passed a beautiful campsite at Perch Ponds, which looks amazing. However we continued on for another 30 mins or so to an equally nice spot further along the river and close to where the climb up on Day 2 starts. There is ample space for at least 5 tents along the spot we were at with some fire pits there too. Day 2 starts with a river crossing and a steep ascent up to Bunyan Lookout. A bit further along a flat trail you reach the Lost World Lookout, which is magnificent. The rest of the hike is relatively flat, besides a steep climb out of the valley. We came across some amazing mountain ambo rescue people on the way to treat an injured walker (helicopter was called out eventually). All in all a great 2 day hike!

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