Lower Blue Mountains

Jellybean Pool to Valley Heights via Perch Pond campsite

Ok, this is one walk that didn’t go as planned! The original plan was to do a circuit, starting and ending at Jellybean Pool, because I’ve been wanting to start and end a walk at a swim spot for a while. The originally planned route would take from Jellybean Pool, along Glenbrook Creek and Kanuka Brook (apparently some great swim spots), then onto Campfire Creek and back around. The problem was, I didn’t plan well, hoping we we’d just find a good camp spot along the way. However, with dark thunderclouds looming over us the whole way, I became concerned about finding a good spot, so we ended up changing the plan half way through and head towards Perch Ponds … there is a great campsite just south of it which I’ve stayed at before and is awesome. On the first day we crossed two amazing spots – Duck Hole (an awesome campsite on sand / swim spot but too close to our start to stay the night) and the magnificent Bunyan Lookout too (if you have energy you can visit Lost World Lookout too, which I did in a separate hike and is also amazing). On the second day we continued along Glenbrook and Magdala Creek, passing a lovely swim spots at Martins and Magdala Falls, finally exiting the bush a Valley Heights. This was a very manageable trip with great swim spots along the way.

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