Dadder Cave

Jack Evans Track to Pisgah Rock via Dadder Cave

First thing to note about this walk is don’t do it the wrong way around (clockwise). Most online notes about this walk suggest doing it counter clockwise which will make the walk much easier. This is due to the direction of the shrubs and bush resulting from the floods – we walked against the direction and got the cuts to prove it. Either way, this is a simply beautiful walk with loads of swim spots everywhere and one of the most enjoyable camp spots in Dadder Cave. On day 1 we walked from Pisgah Rock car park to the start of the Jack Evens trail and descended down to the Erskine Creek. The views walking down are really magnificent and we arrived almost immediately to a set of amazing swim spots. On a warm day these are irresistibly clear and cool waters. We continued the walk along the creek all the way to Dadder to cave, which is hard to locate. We used GPS to aid here. The cave does not disappoint with many useful and interesting artefacts left behind from other campers (including a bush table, fire pit, and log book dating back to the 80’s with notes from other campers. There is ample swimming by the cave to make this spot even more special. The second day involves a bit of backtracking to get back to the main route and then a crazy scramble up Pisgah Rock. I found it pretty dangerous and needing of ropes to assist with the heavy bags. Still, super rewarding and when completing the cliff scramble to reach the top, you are greeting by a “DANGER CLIFF” sign post. Funny not funny.

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