Burra Korain

Pieces Pass to Victoria Falls via Burra Korain

We did this walk with Ricardo and Isa, Robyn’s bestie and her cool Dad. This is a magnificent track and Burra Korain campsite is wonderful secluded spot to spend the night right alongside the Grose River (which was too shallow for a swim but flowing nicely when we went). The track can be started either at Victoria Falls or Pierces Pass picnic area, the latter which we did taking longer to reach Burra Korain campsite. The cliff views on the way down from Pierces Pass are beautiful as is the Grose River once you descend into the valley. Once down there you can take a left to Blue Bum Forest and Acacia Flat campsite (which I did in a different day), or take a right to Burra Korain and Vitoria Falls. Walking along the Grose River is a pleasant and not too difficult track albeit we did get a bit lost at one point, veering onto Crayfish Creek instead of continuing along the Grose River requiring us to track back a bit. The Burra Korain campsite is big enough for around 5 tents with a nice large fire spot too. The river is a few meters away so plenty of fresh water. I have to mention here Ricardo’s amazing cooking … pancakes, french toast, eggs to name a few, what a legend. The next day we continued towards Victoria Falls, seeing a few swimmable water spots along the way, especially at the base of Victoria Falls. The walk ends with a gruelling climb up to Victoria Falls Lookout. This was a very enjoyable and not too arduous hike overall.

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