Blue Mountains, Acacia Flat

Lockleys Pylon to Pierces Pass via Acacia Flat and Blue Gum forest

I did this one with my bro. This walk can be broken into 3 parts. The first is the walk to Lockley’s Pylon and the dirt road leading to the start of that track. It’s a long dirt road but fine for a 2wd if you take it slow. The track to Lockley’s Pylon is flat and not too long (1 hour-ish) – apparently it’s a popular day trip. The second part is the steep decent from Lockley’s down into the Blue Bum Forest and Acacia Flat campsite. The walk down is fairly steep, but nothing too technical besides a small jump down a wall (no ropes needed). You pass a sort of magical mini tropical forest half way down which is pretty amazing given the landscape. Once on the valley floor the walk to Acacia Flat can take another 2 hours – it’s an amazing walk as the density of Blue Gum trees increases … it reminds me of New York and looking up all the time at the skyscrapers! Acacia Flat campground (bookings are required) is serene, a great place to camp for the night (we were alone there, so a bit eerie). The final part of the hike is from Acacia Flat to (and up a very steep) Pierces Pass. There is an amazing pool as you approach Pierces Pass, just great for a swim before the gruelling climb up Pierces Pass. This is a moderate hike with very rewarding views, I will definitely do it again.

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