Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness Area

Kanangra Walls Plateau down to Kowmung River via Coals Seam Cave, Gingra Trail and Roots Ridge.

We tracked down to Kowmung via Roots Ridge. Hard going. 8 hours each way, but started early so had plenty of time. The sunrise over the Walls is spectacular, arrive to the trail head at least 30 minutes before sunrise. Getting down to Coal Seam Cave is easy. Gingra Trail has a few overgrown shrubs in large sections making it a hard to see the ridge at times for their thickness, navigating gets tricky at times. Dropping down to Roots is easy going in parts (upper sections) and incredibly thick and tall weeds in others (we spent over an hour cutting through weeds double our height at one point, very hard work). The general gradient is long but manageable, nothing too technical besides the crazy overgrowth. Ribbons are visible for first part but stop half way down Roots when the overgrowth kicks in. The river is incredible, clean, fast flowing (it was after rain) and so refreshing. Even though overgrown in most parts we managed to landscape a spot and enjoyed our swims in the super refreshing water. The route cannot be done without right gear for tackling overgrowth, but we loved it nonetheless. I wouldn’t recommend it to the inexperienced (in fact very dangerous) but for experienced ppl up for a gruelling challenge (and punishment). 

2 thoughts on “Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness Area

  1. Great pics! 8 hours each way speaks volumes for how heavy the undergrowth must have been in parts. Hopefully come winter the weeds will have died off, and the route will be a little easier to negotiate. (Brumby was a nightmare in parts back in late January.)


    1. Thanks, it was an experience for sure!! And the river is amazing. I’ll definitely go back but indeed after the weeds die down a bit.


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