Cox’s River

Dunphy’s Campground to Cox’s River via Carlons Creek return via Ironmongers Track

We did this trip with our eldest and his bestie to celebrate their school graduations … little did I know these young adults would put us to shame on the fitness front!!! The plan was to start at Dunphy’s Campsite and hike to the Cox’s River junction with Breakfast Creek via Bellbird Track and back via Ironmonger Track. Unfortunately, after an hour of hiking on day 1, we found the Bellbird track too steep a descent (down a cliff). It’s possible we missed an easier way down, but we decided to u-turn and head down via Carlon’s Creek track, which was a lot fairer a gradient, actually very pleasant going with lots of nice flowers along the way. Once on Carlon’s Creek, which leads into Breakfast Creek, the valley is fairly dry and rocky, though water is flowing in parts. In an interesting turn of events, my sons lost his sole!! Literally, the sole of his shoe just fell off mid walking – but he’s a beast and pressed on the whole hike without. Walking along Breakfast Creek is serene. It passes along Frying Pan Flat, which would be an awesome campsite, but we pressed on to the junction with Cox’s River, which is a lovely spot to camp, if a little wild and overgrown which added to the good vibes. Cox’s River was flowing nicely but only thigh high so not great for a big swim, but fine to dip. I think the river would be better swimming a bit further up, but we were too tired to explore! On day 2 we looped back to Dunphy’s Campsite but taking Ironmonger Track back. This is one steep mumma, with beautiful rest stops which have amazing views as you climb.

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