Wollangambe Canyon (Upper)

Camping at Cathedral Reserve campground to make an early start at Wollangambe Canyon


  • Lilo (single mattress like this one is best)
  • Hiking shoes for descent / accent
  • Wet suit highly advisable
  • Rope (just in case)
  • Backpack and waterproof stuff sack
  • River shoes
  • Know where the exit point it (GPS / map)

This is probably the most unique trip I’ve done in the Blue Mountains, but it’s absolutely not for beginners, as many blogs imply. The beauty, serenity and majesty of the Wollangambe Canyon is simply awe inspiring. From the towering canyon walls glimmering with water reflections to the feeling of complete solitude (once in there is no exiting the canyon until you reach the end point), it is something special. Day 1: we camped at the nearby Cathedral Reserve campground, to allow us to make an early start (we failed!). It’s a small and simple campsite. Day 2: being a large group, we only reached the car park (a short 5 minute drive) at 10.30am. Considering we only managed to get back for 7.30pm just short of night fall, it gave the whole adventure a sense of worry / excitement to make it back before dark (the prospect of spending an unplanned night in the canyon is not fun). We were a group of 9 (5 kids), so we were a bit slow, a smaller group of adults could manage it a bit quicker. The hike down is easy, but out is gruelling as it’s all ascent and requires precarious tree root climbs out of the canyon using pre-placed ropes. The floating parts in the canyon are incredible, as you float on (cold!) crystal clear water. What we were not prepared for were the multiple (around 5) bouldered sections which you need to carry your floaties over. Frankly some seemed impassable at first, it’s for these parts that it’s not for the faint hearted! But overall, an incredible day and highly recommended (with right planning and equipment!).

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