Kingfisher Pool

Camping at Kingfisher campground via Bullawarring track and loop out via Goanna track

This hike was a special one as it was done with my brother, his first overnight hike. He lives in the UK and was here for a surprise visit to celebrate my 50th (where he gave me a good roasting too!), and boy what a surprise it was. Being his first I searched for a moderate hike in / out route (plus it seems most of the Blue Mountains are still closed after all the rains). So this one seemed perfect as it’s a 5km loop with a beautiful campsite near Kingfisher Pool. It can be started from Waterfall train station. Day 1: we arrived as the sun was setting (!) not my finest planning moment as it didn’t allow for any time for unforeseen issues, but after a lot of muddy trekking on a pretty well defined path we made it Kingfisher Pool and campsite nearby. The campsite (fits around 10 tents) is very well maintained, with a picnic table and drop toilet nearby too. We thought we had it to ourselves until 4 teenage scouts (youngest being 12!) on a 3 day hike, who got lost arrived late at night. It’s a nice campsite beside the beautiful pool, which during summer would make an awesome daytime destination for a cooling off swim. Day 2: we set off on the Goanna track to loop back to the car. The track is mostly easy to follow (we did lose it when crossing the creek so ended up with a bit of bush bashing) with just enough incline to teach my bother a lesson for the birthday roasting he gave me 😂

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