Glenbrook to Euroka circuit

Taking in some of the most amazing sights along the Glenbrook Creek, camping at Euroka campground

There’s a first time for everything and camping / hiking with my work mates definitely counts! This hike is not as easy as it seems, with some gruelling hiking from the offset on day 1 along the Glenbrook Creek. In fact this whole hike travels alongside the creek and there are so many amazing swim spots along the way. Day 1: we started at Glenbrook Station and started to walk down Station Creek Firetrail. The trail starts easy enough and then becomes pretty steep as you approach the creek (took us about 1.5 hours and some bush bashing). But once you get there wow, what an amazing swim spot. Continuing the walk along the creek uncovers a number of other amazing swim spots especially the Blue Pool. We then joined onto Campfire Creek and the Red Hand Cave Trail, to reach the amazing Red Hand Cave. After taking in the amazing artwork, we continued onto the Link Track and a shortcut which required a lot of bush bashing to reach The Oaks Track, eventually arriving at Euroka Campground by 5pm. The campground is amazing though sadly we had some noisy neighbour’s blaring musing through the night. Day 2: we were joined by more colleagues and we set off back to Glenbrook, passing many beautiful sights along the way like Tunnel View Lookout and Mount Portal Lookout, end having a quick dip in Jellybean Pool too. It’s great to know I work with people who share this passion and can’t wait to go on more adventures with them.

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