Serendipity Canyon

WOW! A Jurassic Park and Water World combined experience, not for the faint hearted with lots of abseiling, water jumps and narrow passes.

I’ve been looking to get into canyoning for a while so what time better than the Xmas break to do it! We booked amazing two private guides (Mika & Brian) from the amazing people at Australian School of Mountaineering (HIGHLY recommended). Day 1: involved a night of camping at the nearby Megalong Valley Farm Camp which was not really part of the main adventure, but we just wanted to camp nearby to avoid driving in from Sydney at the crack of dawn. It’s a beautiful campsite run by Gary who was welcoming and friendly. The site is expansive and well maintained. Day 2: we woke up early, packed up and headed into Katoomba to meet our guides. After a short introduction and briefing, we packed up our gear and drove to Mount Wilson, where the trail begins. The trail starts off easy enough, on a fire trail. After about an hour we reach the first abseil point into the canyon, where we get into our wet suits and commence our first abseil. The first abseil is not too hard but definitely a great introduction to what lays ahead. And what lays ahead is simply magnificent. Long abseils through waterfalls and into crystal clear pools of water, wades and scrambles. It takes about 4 hours to reach the glow worm tunnel, which is right by the exit point from the canyon and a 1 to 2 hour steep hike back to the cars. Exhausted but spectacular day out.

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